With over 30 years of experience in installing complete refrigeration solutions large and small, Royal Refrigeration has the ability to construct Freezers, Chillers and other paneled rooms, to suit all types of cool storage and food processing requirements. We keep up with the latest products, regulations and food industry standards to ensure that your coolroom or freezer is built to the highest standard using the latest and best materials and methods.

As we are specialists in Refrigeration and not only coolroom construction, this gives us the ability to recognise the importance of properly constructed coolrooms and freezers to ensure the room has low heat leakage and remains clean and dry for many years. This ensures your product and packaging is kept to a high standard. Well constructed quality panel also ensures that your energy usage is kept to a minimum.

Please contact us on (02)9599 9975 to discuss your needs. We can advise on the various options and different types of panel available. As we are not a panel manufacturer, we are not aligned with one panel brand or type and therefore will give you recommendations only based on what is best suited for your application and your business.

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